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Rules and regulations



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  1. The genetics course includes lectures (20h) and classes (50h)  during one semester fo AM+TW+AR
  2. The course starts on 18.02.2019 and ends with the final exam (test).
  3. The lectures are mandatory.
  4. The classes are mandatory.

-More than 2 unjustified absences during the course are not allowed. The student with more than 2 absences at classes cannot take the final exam, and will not pass a semester.

-A medical certificate or other documents must be provided to respective Teachers. If a medical certificate or other documents are not presented, an absence will be registered as an unjustified one.

- Material from each missed class should be learned and passed.

  1. Students must change shoes for each class. In laboratory classes students must have a protective aprons.
  2. Students are obliged to be familiar with the issues covered by the lecture held during respective week and with the material to be discussed during classes according to the topic schedule.
  3. At each classes student must pass the test (with 10 points maximum) about the topic of previous week. There will be 10 tests (quizzes). Each student will have 9 tests and 1 presentation with maximum 100 points. There are no possibility to retake the test.
  4. There will be 2 laboratory classes during the semester. From each student can get 14 points (that will give maximum 28 points).
  5. Additionally, all classes will be assessed competence of students with 14 points maximum at the semester.
  6. Student can get 142 points from classes. Student who will have less when 85 points (60%) won’t be able to start the final test. Student who will have less than 85 points will have to pass the additional test after all classes.
  7. Student can get 48 points at final test. To pass the final exam (final test), the required score is 29 (60%) of correctly answered questions out of all questions.
    First exam retake: student that fail the exam will be given another test on the same rules.
    Second exam retake: student that fail the first correction exam has the right to use the second correction term on the same terms as previous dates or on the basis of the commission examination.
  8. There are no exemptions from the exam.


  1. The Student is obliged to prepare one presentation during the semester. The terms and subjects of presentations are established by the Teacher at the first class. Student who will have presentation is free with test in class when quiz about this topic will be writen. 10 points is maximum to gain from one presentation.



Presentation compatibility issues




Way of presenting


Knowledge and skills



  1. The final grade consists of all points scored sum.

Points amount


174 - 190


159 – 173,5


144 – 158,5


129 – 143,5


114 – 128,5



  1. The use of mobile phones is forbidden during classes, lectures and tests. It is forbidden to take photos and record during classes.
  2. Getting acquainted with the regulations: ordering the exercise room, fire protection, health and safety.
  3. Refusing to sign this rules means you are not allowed to participate classes


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